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Tatjana Berger-Sandhofer - Interior decoration

Tatjana Berger-Sandhofer is convinced that deep inside everyone is looking for a feeling of safety, warmth and content, a warm nest to curl up in. She uses her living design concepts to create places where people feel at home.

Her special talent was revealed when she was working as a set decoration assistant for promotional film productions. The cornerstone for her current business was laid when a friend asked her to redecorate his home - and her passion became her profession. As the owner of Les Tissus Colbert in Vienna and Salzburg she can draw from a endless stock of exquisite, high-quality fabrics that she uses to accentuate lamps, sofas or walls. Meanwhile she has a number of clients in the country and abroad whose apartments, houses or vacation homes she has renovated, furnished or for which she has found harmonious furniture, accessories or objects of art. Choosing to live in Salzburg, the young designer also decorates for events or private parties. For Tatjana Berger-Sandhofer a home should always have a unique personal touch, everything uniform is dull and drab. She believes the decor should reflect the owner's taste and lifestyle, which is why she uses her intuition and empathy to design rooms that fit the owner. Up to 18 months can pass before a harmonious concept is implemented - and clients have become friends.

Born in Vienna, she personally prefers a clear-cut, minimalist interior which she combines with modern art and antiques from the 20th century. The colors she prefers are warm earth shades: they give her rooms an immensely comfortable nuance - so typical for her style. Tatjana BergerĀ­-Sandhofer draws the inspiration for her ideas from her travels and sojourns abroad. Having lived in New York, Canada and London for several years. She takes advantage of these creative sabbaticals to sound out her limits and be guided by her intuition. She usually chooses places that do not immediately appeal to her and seem difficult at first. A firm believer in the flow of life, she is convinced that everything has a purpose. She spent her childhood with her mother in Luxemburg, Belgium and France, moving six times in seven years. Perhaps this period of unrest is the reason she is so fond of making others feel comfortable - again and again.

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